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Any New York Magazine will tell you to come up to Cold Spring NY for a day!

Any New York magazine will surely tell you to venture outside the city once in a while. When you get the opportunity to this, make sure your trip includes a stop in Cold Spring NY. This beautiful town is only an hour north of Manhattan, and offers a variety of outdoor activities, restaurants, retail shops and tourist attractions. A New York magazine might also recommend taking a tour of the greater Hudson Valley region, including the Culinary Institute, West Point Military Academy, the Hudson Fjords, and Biscobel Restoration - all of which we wholeheartedly recommend as well! If you'd like to get in touch with a New York Magazine to recommend a place you saw or stayed at while in Cold Spring, please feel free to use our site as an information source. Or tell that New York magazine to call us here at! We'd be happy to recommend any local vendor!