New York City

Information on Cold Spring NY and the accessibility and proximity to New York City

Cold Spring New York is a little over 1 hour from New York City via the Metro Train. The best thing about Cold Spring relative to New York City is that you don't need a car or a taxi to stay or get around. You can literally leave New York City with a backpack or a chic leather overnight bag and walk off the train and shop, eat, hike, kayak, and sleep at a local inn. Everything in Cold Spring is all within a very short walking distance from the Cold Spring Metro station. As a note to visitors: When you are on the Metro make sure you sit on the side that gives you a great view of the river and the Palisades.

So forget about SoHo for the afternoon or Central Park. Get on the train and experience the Greater New York area. There is more to New York than New York City.

The best part of Cold Spring and its close proximity to New York City is the accessibility to the city. Many residents of Cold Spring commute to New York City on a daily basis. It doesn't matter if you live in Dutchess or Putnam County, the Cold Spring Metro station makes your trip to New York City very convenient - and useful! Metro-North riders are often able to work, read, eat, and anything else - all while they're on their way to work. Parking is usually not an issue and there are plenty of seats available when getting on in Cold Spring.

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